Players Testimonials –


David Hooper , #20 , Right Wing , 2015-2016

Orangeville , Ontario 

“If you are a part of the Knights you are treated like royality in this town, you walk down the street in your day clothes and people know who you are. They take hockey very seriously in this town and it not only develops you as a hockey player but matures you as a person. I couldn’t be more happy with my choice to come play here.”



Mackenzie Fleming , #12 , Left Wing ,  Captain , 2013-2016

Meaford , Ontario 

“With a coaching staff and crazy fan base that appreciates the players as much as we appreciate them helping and coming to watch it makes for a surreal experience that brings the team together as a family.”



Danny Smith , #22 , Defense , Assistant Captain , 2013-2014 

Newburgh , Ontario 

” Playing for the Knights have been one of the best experiences of my life. With such a supportive community and fan base that packs the arena every night its the best place I ever played , I couldn’t have picked a better place to play for my last year of junior . The coaching staff are second to none . When you come to Meaford your not just joining a hockey team , your joining a family ”


Derek Boudreault , Left Wing  , #91 ,  2014-2016

Gatineau , Quebec 

“ Meaford was a great place to play, great coaches, amazing fan base, and a great group of players. The community is very involved with the team which makes is even better. I gained a lot of maturity just playing one season with the Knights and they give you every tool you need to become a better player”



Carl Bergensternja , Center , #11 , 2013-2015

Stockholm, Sweden 

“Coming from Sweden you sacrifice a lot, time with family, time with friends. I could honestly say that I was always around family, always around friends. The Knights didn’t just make me a better hockey player; they made the man I am today “



Cody Craft , #2 , Defense , Assistant Captain   , 2014-2015

St.John , New Brunswick 

“ My experience with the Knights was awesome, we had amazing fan support and the team staff were great! I’ve played a lot of junior hockey and playing for Meaford was probably the best choice I made. I hade the opportunity to meet great friends and family and to be able to play along side them was just a dream. If you play for the Knights your not just playing on a team you’re joining a family “


Josh Greenaker ,  #10 , Defense  2015-2016

Vermillion , Ohio 

” Meaford is a second home for the players who come here. The Management and Team took me in like I was apart of a family. The staff and owners treat the players like we were rock – stars. As a team we were always there for each other. I came to Meaford a boy from Ohio , but with the help of Coach Parrish and Coach Martin I evolved into a man. The experience we have here as players will last a life time no matter where we are. I will always remember my days in Meaford and I am glad to say I made the decision to become a Knight of Meaford. ”


Ryan Hunter, #17 , Centre ,  Captain , 2015-2016

Mississauga, Ontario 

” Playing for the Knights this season has been amazing the support of the fans , the owners , and the coaching staff is incredible ! It was the best experience I had playing hockey. ”



Quinton Maddock , #34 , Defense , 2015-2016

Owen Sound , Ontario

” Meaford was one of the best choices I made in my career , it was a great place to play and meet people from all over the world and get a chance to play with them and learn a new type of hockey. The fan base filled the arena which made the atmosphere of the rink so much more fun to play in. The coaching staff as well as the player development staff were amazing day in and day out I’d recommend the program to future players. The organization made me a better hockey player in general and has helped me move forward in my career. They have shaped me into a better man on and off the ice. Thank for everything KOM ! ”



Connor Long #16 , Defense , 2013-2016 

Meaford , Ontario 

“Well my experience with the Knights was overall a great one. The people I met and coaches I had were all amazing. It is a great tool for guys wanting to move onto bigger and better things. Throughout my 2 years of playing here I have not one bad thing to say. The hockey was good, the town itself was great and the memories I made were unforgettable. I improved my game a lot over the course of the past 2 years and the coaches gave me the tools I need to succeed as a hockey player. “

Jared Binguis #13 , Forward , 2015-2016

Lac Seul First Nation , Ontario 

My experience playing with the Knights of Meaford  2015-2016 season was heartfelt and memorable. As a group we made history, and seeing the guys we had in our locker room there’s no doubt why we did. Our fans were there every Thursday night supporting us in every way they could, our respected coaches gave everything they had and our owners treated us like one of their own. The Knights of Meaford became a brotherhood, we made moves, said our goodbyes and welcomed new faces to get where we are today. Thank you the township of Meaford, the families who opened up their homes, our coaching staff and our owners.

Brandon Bavis ,  #6 , Defense , 2015-2016 

Mount Peart , Newfoundland & Labrador 

“Coming to Meaford to play my final season of jr was probably one of the best decisions I made in my hockey career the fan base is so loyal and dedicated to the team the owners are amazing the coaching staff is always available and wanting to make you a better player and person it’s definitely a first class organization and I would recommend it to anyone in the future considering playing here”



Justin Dueck , #74 , Right Wing , 2015-2016

” Meaford is an amazing place to play at the Junior A level. The coaches and management are great , the knights are the closest team on and off the ice , the Knights organization and the whole town has done a lot for me learning the ins and the outs of the game and how to get by life in the real world . I appreciate the Knights and it’s supporters”





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