• #97 Cody Gibbons
    #97 Cody Gibbons
  • #95 Riley Lavallee
    #95 Riley Lavallee
  • #71 Paavo Yritys
    #71 Paavo Yritys
  • #67 Ture Lindblom
    #67 Ture Lindblom
  • #44 Connor Hewitt
    #44 Connor Hewitt
  • #27 Kevin Demeules
    #27 Kevin Demeules
  • #20 Ethan Biggs
    #20 Ethan Biggs
  • #16 Cooper Salter
    #16 Cooper Salter
  • #15 Alessandro Supino
    #15 Alessandro Supino
  • #14 Adam Polach
    #14 Adam Polach
  • #11 Piper Post
    #11 Piper Post
  • #9 Tomas Coupek
    #9 Tomas Coupek
  • #6 Tanner Waito
    #6 Tanner Waito
  • #2 Aidan Haller-Brady
    #2 Aidan Haller-Brady


  • #96  Noah Calvert-Goetz
    #96 Noah Calvert-Goetz
  • #88  Bastien Lagace
    #88 Bastien Lagace
  • #84  Anthony Falardeau
    #84 Anthony Falardeau
  • #34  Yanco Lens
    #34 Yanco Lens
  • #17  Declan Flanagan
    #17 Declan Flanagan
  • #13  Jonathan Henripin
    #13 Jonathan Henripin
  • #8 Darcy Lowe
    #8 Darcy Lowe


  • #30  Cale Puzey
    #30 Cale Puzey
  • #40  Robin Larsson
    #40 Robin Larsson
  • #50  Terry See
    #50 Terry See


Coaching Staff

  • Craig Cescon
    Craig Cescon Head Coach
  • Keegan Bradley
    Keegan Bradley Assistant Coach
  • Nathan Parrish General Manager

Recruitment Staff

  • Jeff Oliver Regional Scout / Assistant Coach
  • Dan Smith Director of Scouting

    Email :

    Phone : 1-519-378-8207


  • Krista Young
    Krista Young Trainer
  • Kathy Adams Billet Coordinator

    I have been with the Knights of Meaford since inception, and  it has been a privilege to work with the  team.
    Many changes have occurred over the years, however every season demonstrates more  strength and support from our community. We had many players arrive as boys and leave as mature young men due to the support of our terrific billet families, who have welcomed them into their families and their homes.
    Lasting friendships are made with players around the world.

    As our team continues to build and strengthen, so does our need for additional billet families. I would be happy to speak with anyone interested to provide details on billeting.

    My sincere thanks to our billet families for the 2017-2018 season


  • Jason Acres Director of Marketing

    First of all, I would like to thank the Chollet family for giving me the opportunity to work with such an amazing organization. I would also like to take this time to thank our team sponsors and fans.  Working with the Meaford Knights’ allows me to travel around the league and visit other hockey communities.  Without a doubt, the Meaford Knights’ have the strongest sponsor support in the league. I encourage our fans and players to visit and support our sponsors any chance they get. Sponsors are a vital part of our team and we sincerely appreciate everything they do for us.  Whether you’re a season’s pass holder or it’s your first time at the arena, look around the stands and witness the enthusiasm the Meaford Knights’ bring to our community. I guarantee you will be hooked on the excitement.

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